About Us

The journey of Anurag Academy started when one of my kids was in 3rd and the other in 6th std. in 1997. I could see the pain and boredom of learning process.

I thought of making the learning process enjoyable. So, 12 years back I started "Anurag Academy", simply to make learning process interesting and exciting.

With complete support of my father, Late. Shri.S.S.Supe, who was a great science teacher himself. I started with science workshops in vacation.

We tried to include every possible practical, project, experiment which can add knowledge, curiousness and excitement in the learning process. We have a fully equipped science laboratories which include microscope, telescope, teaching in projector, working models, teaching aids, chemistry and biology lab, different plants collection, stone metal, grain collection, preserved animal and plant collections, power generation room which include solar fan, motor, home solar cooker, solar water heater, hydal power station, steam turbine, wind mill, generator, different cell etc and many more interesting type of things.

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My efforts are always to mould the children into future scientist and to make them responsible citizen of India. We know that we will be really proud of them one day.

Though we get excellent results, our aim is not only the academic results but also to clear basic fundamentals and to encourage them to relate science to their surrounding is the most important aim.

My dream project is completely supported by all possible ways by my husband Mr. Subhash Patil.
My brother, Mr. Milind Supe who encouraged me to include technology like multimedia in teaching.
Mr. Baishanav, Mr. Bhushan Bharambe, Mr. Shekhar Chaudhary, Ms. Manasi Patil in organizing and preparing different projects.
Mr. Tikekar in suggesting me about Science Library.
Mr. Jeevanbhai in giving whole hearted support in work like class construction, carpentary works etc.

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